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Partner with Every Bottom Covered
We are all interconnected. 
We focus on diaper need and how this need affects the whole community, not just the household.
Our immediate response is to provide clean basic hygiene supplies, including diapers and pads for women and children, while advocating for healthier communities.

Community partnerships
Located close (less than 50 miles) to/from the warehouse, able to commit to picking up supplies for enrolled clients, incur a nominal fee to help with the packing of supplies for pickup, outcome reporting by way of completed applications
Hub Partnerships
Located primarily in rural communities with transportation issues; able to commit to nominal contribution for transportation of supplies from the warehouse to their location or commitment to picking up supplies in weather permitting circumstances
Every Bottom Covered, Inc. is working to avoid duplication by encouraging collaboration. We are bringing on partners who are located outside of the area we work in presently to further close the diaper need gaps across Western New York
Partnership Application

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