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Who does Every Bottom Covered serve?

- Every Bottom Covered is a diaper bank serving low-income and underserved communities across Western New York


- Every Bottom Covered provides clean diapering supplies on a monthly basis to families in low-income households

- Our supplies are provided once every 30 days for each eligible child in the household

How can you partner with Every Bottom Covered?

- As we provide supplies with direct distribution, we are aware that families cannot get to our distribution location.

- As a result, we partner with organizations across the Western New York community to ensure that we help families across our community.

- To partner with Every Bottom Covered, please review the:

How does Every Bottom Covered serve underserved families?

- Clients can fill out the application for enrollment into the program

- Families must provide proof of income

  • SNAP

  • TANF

  • WIC

  • Medicaid


  • Current Paystubs

- Every child in the household up to their 3rd birthday can receive:

  • 50 diapers or 25 pull-ups

  • Wipes

- Supplies can be picked up every 30 days

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